Application Process for International Students

Apply to Augustana

We invite international students who will complete secondary school to  (550 PBT or 79 iBT),  (6.0 overall band), or equivalent scores on the , , or  exams. Augustana will also offer conditional admission to academically qualified students in need of intensive English, with full admission being offered after successful completion of 's Intensive English Program, Level 112.

Augustana operates on a “rolling” admission process. This means that from October 1 through July 31, we will evaluate your application file and make an admission decision as soon as it is complete. There is no fee to apply.

Students who apply prior to March 1 will have an advantage in obtaining scholarships, securing an American roommate, choosing classes, and time to secure a visa in their 北京福利彩票 country北京福利彩票. We accept applications up to a year in advance of the term you are planning to enroll. We recommend that you complete the application process below no later than two months in advance.

To be considered for both admission and scholarships, please send/complete the following to Augustana:

  1. Apply online using the Augustana .
  2. All secondary and post-secondary transcripts and/or national exam scores.
  3. One letter of recommendation from a teacher or professor.
  4. A Personal Statement (250 words minimum) describing a significant challenge you have overcome.
  5. English Language Test Scores and/or College Preparation Test Scores from one or more of the following tests:
    •  (Augustana's Code is 3902)
    •  (Augustana's Code is 6015)
    • (Augustana’s Institutional Code is 6015)
    • 's ELS 112 course
  6. Financial Statement showing sufficient resources to support yourself for one academic year.
  7. Completed International Student Financial Ability Form.
  8. A copy of the photo page of your passport.

Applicants are requested to send documents electronically (including scans of transcripts and exam scores) to the following e-mail address: international@

Schools that submit "original" copies of transcripts may also send electronic copies to the following e-mail address: international@

Original paper documents sent by applicants, sponsors, schools or exam centers (for example, high school transcripts and exam scores) must be sent by regular or express courier to:

Augustana University
Office of Admission
2001 S. Summit Avenue
Sioux Falls, South Dakota  57197
(Tel: +1.605.274.0770